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After the first video hit 1000 views on youtube I thought it was time to upload the second instalment from our All Girls Sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands. If you haven’t seen the first episode of our trip on Charter Yachts Australia’s vessel ‘Dream On’ then you can find it here – All Girls Trip | Charter Yachts Australia

Tahlia and Cass both had very little knowledge of anything to with boating and this only added to the adventure as it brought an element of teamwork and communication that would be lost in a normal ‘holiday’ setting, looking back this could perhaps be my favourite thing about the trip. ‘Dream On’ was the perfect sized vessel for us to handle as well as provide ample comfort and space – thank you Charter Yachts Australia for recommending such a great boat for us! With two bathrooms and three bedrooms there was plenty of room to lounge around and up on deck was sheltered both from the sun and from the drizzling rain.  Being able to sit outside and enjoy cups of tea while listening to water fall on water is just as lovely as being able to escape the heat of the sun at midday.

The Whitsunday Islands is the perfect playground for a sailing holiday. As one of the only destinations in the world that allows you to take a boat out without any license it is something that everyone with a sense of adventure and appreciation for the ocean should endeavour to do. After spending our first night in Nara Inlet, we woke up and went down to the end of the inlet to see if the waterfall was flowing. We then head up to spend a day on the sandbar at Langford Island before picking up a mooring in Stonehaven for the night (the perfect spot to catch a sunset). The next day I taught Cassie how to drive the tender (if you know Cass you will appreciate how funny this actually was – and be surprised at how quickly she got it) and then we raised the sails and had a sweet end to our Whitsunday sailing adventure. With 15knots from the southeast we were able to turn the engine off for the first time and make our way back to Abell Point Marina completely under sail.

To find out more about a skipper yourself sailing holiday around the Whitsunday’s contact Charter Yachts Australia 

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