Coastal Wedding | Why Marinas are great Wedding Venues

For those of you that don’t know I once upon a time fell into a job in the wedding industry, don’t ask me how it just happened. One  fun thing that came out of it was the opportunity to don a wedding dress and take part in a photo shoot for Abell Point Marina with my best friend Toddy as the Groom – and don’t worry ladies this sensitive new age pony is still single. Here are some images from the day and my thoughts on why a Marina Wedding is the only way to now be unique in this crazy wedding world.

Beach Weddings are so dreamy; think soft breezes, blue sky, and the twinkling ocean rhythmically lapping the shoreline in the background. It’s every girls dream right? While this dreamworld is a lovely place, the reality is that the factors involved in creating the perfect beach wedding are outside of our control. Imagine people on the beach running around in their bikinis and budgee smugglers in the background of your big day. Picture the imminent rain clouds on the horizon as you nervously watch them loom closer from your hotel room. Then there is the awkward wounded-seagull-stride as stilettos sink into the sand and the wind lifts every second dress and sends toupes flying – let’s not even bring up the wet rogue dog headed straight for your beloved at the arbour! Yup, I know what you’re thinking, “good-bye beach wedding dream, hello country garden wedding.”

While country and garden weddings have a lovely charm they too come with their fair share of pitfalls. Yes, the boys in their matching suits and shiny RM William boots will have the ladies swooning and the stark Australian light lends to making beautiful photographs. But then that drought has left the grass dry, the accommodation options for your guests are lacking and the undercover/wet weather option is more often than not a tin shed or an expensive teepee or marquee. Oh and did you forget to add on the additional cost for wedding suppliers to travel away from towncentres? “Good-bye garden and country wedding.” Where does that leave you now? Well, my prediction for the next wedding trend is Marinas!

Below is all the reasons why I love a Marina wedding!

1. It’s coastal without the sand and openness to the elements, as marina’s generally have undercover options.

2. They are more often than not built in the lee of the prominent winds – ie to keep boats (and wedding hair styles!) safe!

3. Boats make a beautiful backdrop! If you don’t believe me keep on scrolling to check out Brooke Miles Photography images for Lure at Abell Point Marina

4. No one is doing it… seriously if you’ve been to a marina wedding you’re in the minority.

5. Beautiful marinas are often located in beautiful destinations that couples like to get married in (think beaches and islands) so more often than not there are great wedding suppliers close by.

6. The Marina can be your gateway to your honeymoon! If you’re getting married in the Whitsundays or Queensland, then jump on a boat and head over to one of Queensland’s stunning Islands, or out to the Great Barrier Reef for a tropical honeymoon tacked on to your wedding destination… or if you’re feeling game and into ‘spouse team building’ then hire a bareboat! You can check out my all girls trip on a sailing boat in the Whitsunday’s here. 


Photographer – Brooke Miles Photography
Venue – Lure at Abell Point Marina
Models – Ashleigh Clarke & Todd Robertson (aka: a couple of legends)
Hair – Adam & Eve
Make-up – Loll Doll Makeup
Flowers – Flower Hut

And naturally with us two there was always going to be a yoga photo…

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