Whitsunday Adventure [2] – the wager and roll up

I just came back from 10 days of visiting family and friends in the South Island of New Zealand and was in need of some serious defrosting. We had a week of lovely warm northerly winds so made the most of it with an all girls trip on the Whitsunday’s greatest floating snack station, ‘Midnight’ – thanks Dad.

Check out our day in the VLOG. We ended up going to Haslewood for two beach spots and across to Hook Island for a snorkel before coming home. I had to be back at Abell Point Marina by 3pm because I was getting picked up at 4.30pm to catch the ferry to Hamilton Island for the annual Whitsunday Tourism awards – it was a sensational day followed by an even more sensational evening with my old work colleagues from BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort who took out gold in their category.